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2-Day Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Course

              Also available as an online course


What will I learn?

Our Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course is split up into four sessions. These are:

  • Mental Health First Aid, mental health action plan (ALGEE) stress and the Frame of Reference

  • Anxiety disorders, crisis first aid for panic attacks and traumatic events, eating disorders and self-harm

  • Depression, suicide and Psychosis

  • Recovery, applying ALGEE, MHFAider boundaries, conversation practice and moving forward in the role as a MHFAider

In each section you’ll learn how to:

  • Spot the early signs of a mental health problem.
  • Feel confident helping someone experiencing poor mental health.
  • Provide help on a first aid basis.
  • Help prevent someone from hurting themselves or others.
  • Help stop a mental illness from getting worse.
  • Help someone recover faster.
  • Guide someone towards the right support.
  • Reduce the stigma of mental health problems.


How will I learn?

The MHFA course usually takes place over two full days and is delivered in a classroom setting or as an online course over a number of days to suit the needs of large companies and organisations as required. 


The sessions will be a mix of presentations, films, discussions, group and individual work activities, with several opportunities to practice listening and conversation skills. Our trainers provide a very safe learning environment and are trained to support you throughout the whole course. If you don’t feel comfortable joining in certain bits, then don’t, we won’t make you do something you aren’t comfortable with. Due to some of the sensitive subjects of our course, including suicide, we limit numbers to 16 people. We want everyone to feel safe and our instructors can help if people find some bits particularly difficult.

Participants will receive a MHFA e-manual, access to a MHFAiders app and support network including a support hub and training webinars, a hard copy workbook, lanyard and quick reference card. At the end of the course an attendance certificate from MHFA England to say that you are now a qualified Mental Health First Aider.

On completion of the course, personnel will be offered the opportunity to convert their MHFAiders qualification into an NVQ Level 3 Mental Health First Aider. 


Who can attend?

The course is simply for everyone. All we ask is for you to be above 16 yrs of age.This is due to some of the content being quite sensitive and can be upsetting to some. We want to ensure that we create a safe and suitable learning environment for all our attendees.


How do I book on a course?

Current planned course dates are shown here. For enquiries about course cost or to register your interest in attending a course in the future please contact us here. This will send an email to our administration office who will get in touch with you.  


Please do not book any travel or accommodation until you have received an email from us confirming you have been allocated a place on a course. 


1-2 Jul 2024 MHFA Course

Thank you Steve I really enjoyed the course. My knowledge and confidence in dealing with mental health issues has vastly improved.

A lot of information to take in over 2-days covering some difficult subjects, but well delivered at a good pace.

I now appreciate how to recognise the symptoms of mental distress and ill health.

It's a lot of information to soak in, in a short amount of time (2-days), but overall a very good course.

The instructor was very attentive and thorough with his teaching and delivery of the course. He was also very good at listening and explaining each section and answering all questions in detail.

26-27 Jun 2024 Online MHFA Course

Steve was a great instructor, super engaging and friendly. ALGEE was easy to remember. Good amount of breaks and I liked the mix of videos and group work.

Great balance of different formats of learning, workbook to use by side is a great tool and will enable retention of the learning and a resource to look back on. Nice small cohort that felt safe and comfortable.

My knowledge and confidence regarding mental health has vastly improved as a result of attending this training.

Very informative course, which was run very well, especially given the difficult topics covered. Would certainly recommend!

A very interesting and informative course, using safe practice, videos and questions, which helped all basis of learning.

11-12 Jun 2024 Online MHFA Course

Great course, super helpful. A lot of information and techniques. Instructor very good and respectful. I really enjoyed it.

I feel informed and empowered to perform the role of a MHFAider, also being more aware of my own limits and boundaries. I am very thankful to Steve (the instructor) who was so flexible and adaptable with us, a group of Neurodiverse people from 5 different backgrounds / nationalities. He managed to keep us on track, kept being reflective and sensible.

A very dense, highly interesting and challenging course. Thank you so much Steve!

Having attended this training my knowledge and confidence in understanding and supporting people with mental health issues and challenges has vastly improved.

While the course was over 20-days, the time seemed to fly by relatively quickly as the course was very engaging.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone.

It was quite intense and covered a lot of sensitive topics. Maybe having the course split into 4 1/2 day sessions would have been better.

5-6 Jun 2024 Online MHFA Course

I really enjoyed the course. I have learnt a lot of new skills and I am looking forward to putting those into practice to help people.

First I would like to say 'Thank you'. The information and training by Steve will definitely be a huge help and will lead us to providing much needed help to loads of people / staff members.

Steve was engaging from start to finish, and the scenarios and stories really brought the course to life. Steve listened and encouraged everyone to participate, which was excellent. Inspiring to listen to and thoroughly enjoyed the course and putting everything into practice.

The training received by Steve has been absolutely amazing and one of the only courses I've done where I've found the information to be fairly easy to retain. Thank you for the of this and for giving us the help and ability to confidently help and support those in need.

Steve did an excellent job in making sure everyone was understanding everything and the pace that was set was superb for everyone. It is a lot of information to take in at once but I really enjoyed the course.

22-23 May 2024 Online MHFA Course

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I find that I feel confident in my ability to identify and assist people with poor mental health in a crisis. Steve was a wonderful instructor, whose passion for the subject was palpable. As such, I felt like he delivered the information well and with a pace of others in mind. This training has also helped me better understand my own mental health.

I would hugely recommend this training to anyone who is able to access it!

This course was exceptional, especially with Steve as our instructor. The content was incredibly relevant and import. Steve truly highlighted the importance of being a MHFAider, how to do the role effectively and I learnt lots of information; which I am sure will help in both my personal and professional life. Thank you so much Steve!

As a virtual course, think that more of a variety of activities is needed.

18-19 Apr 24 MHFA Course

I loved the course, a lot of content but very well presented.

The course gave me a lot of insight on mental health and provided good techniques on how to support someone with poor mental health. I appreciate that importance was given to self-care, since this often gets forgotten. The course was very engaging and Steve was a great trainer.

Great course structure and well presented by Steve.

This training has really improved my understanding of mental health issues. 

26-27 Mar 2024 Online MHFA Course

Thank you so much for an amazing 2 days! You guidance, knowledge and passion for supporting good mental health is infectious and inspirational. I really enjoyed the course and your teaching style.

A brilliant course. I leave this course with a vastly improved level of knowledge about mental health conditions and how to recognised the symptoms of poor mental health and mental illness. I now feel much more confident in my ability to support someone experiencing mental distress 

Steve showed fantastic knowledge of the subject and made the training very enjoyable.

Steve was approachable, friendly, informative and engaging. The whole course was thought provoking, inspirational and encouraging. I loved every minute and I am so pleased to be taking away a huge bag of new skills and understanding, so thanks to Steve's amazing guidance and teaching.

Enjoyable and informative course, happy to recommend others to attend.

21-22 Mar 2024 MHFA Course

Steve was a superb trainer. This is due to how he explained each topic, breaking it down into simple laymen's terms that everyone could understand. Excellent examples and the videos were short, sharp and kept everyone captivated.

Well structured and balanced course, regular safe practice which was critical to the course impact.

Great course and glad that I was put on it.

Steve was a great resource, and managed our group dynamics wonderfully.

Very informative and enjoyable. Thanks a million Steve.

Great Instructor; informative course, very fair, complimentary and knowledgeable.

I was surprised how much there is to learn in relation to mental health and how to address it. I think courses like this are very valuable of organisations to carry out.

21-22 Feb 2024 Online MHFA Course

It has been a really comprehensive course that has increased my confidence in how to manage individuals coping with mental ill health. A special thank you to Steve who has made the course incredibly interesting, interactive and thought provoking.

This course has greatly improved my knowledge and understanding about mental health and mental ill health.

Great training!! Very informative and I am glad I could be part of it.

Steve is a great person for this course. I am thankful for the information received, which will enable me to help others.

13-14Feb 2024 MHFA Course

This course was brilliant and a real eye opener. I understand more than ever and it was really interesting.

A great course to include in your career development!

I found the course very good. I had some knowledge of mental health, but my knowledge and understanding was limited. Having done this course, I now have a much better understanding of the complex subject of mental health, and I am now far better able to give assistance and support whenever needed. Thank you!

This was a great course, I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend.

It was very good and a learnt a lot of new things about how to deal with a situation.

24-25 Jan 24 online MHFA Course

This course was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days. Steve is very experience3d and knowledgeable and really brought the topics to life. There is a fabulous mix of learning, the course was broken up very well into different parts to keep one's attention and engagement all the way through. Very intense and a lot of information, but that is just the nature of the speciality! A really excellent course, very well put together. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.

The course was fantastic and it has made me very confident and ready to help others! My favourite part is was the case studies and they help put into practice what you have learnt.

Great knowledgeable instructor, really enjoyed the course.

Good sessions and really good content. I definitely feel more confident dealing with mental health issues and I really liked thew safe practices, which were super helpful.

A really good course. Steve is very knowledgeable and seemed to know everything there is to being a good and reflective MHFA Aider. I have learnt so much in the last few days. I was pretty sure I knew what to do with regards to mental health, but the resources and advice have been incredibly helpful for the future.

28-29 Nov 23 online MHFA Course

I think the experience has been informative and the topics looked at were quite difficult. I think Steve took valuable time discussing this and I would highly recommend referring the course to anyone interested!

The example conversations were very helpful to see the skills and techniques played out. The safe practices were also helpful to get into the mindset of being a MHFAider.

Really happy with the resources and the training received. I found the training useful and the case studies help put your new knowledge to use prior to being released back to my company.

I really enjoyed the course, thank you.

think the case studies and the conversation practices were really good, and they made me feel comfortable putting things into practice.

30-31 Oct 23 online MHFA Course

A brilliant course, I was fully engaged, I have taken so much value and Steve made the course really enjoyable.

Absolutely great course, really enjoyed both days, considering the course covers very difficult topics; it was to have such a good instructor and plenty of breaks to regroup yours thoughts.

Amazing - Steve is personable and promotes an inclusive environment for learning.

I loved the course. Steve is an amazing instructor that makes the training very interactive. Mental health is very important, and the course hits the nail on the head regarding mental health and promotes awareness.

I would recommend this course to everyone with an interest in mental health.

This course has really increased my knowledge and confide mental health during con

19-18 Oct 23 online MHFA Course

Fantastic course, very interactive.

Steve is an amazing MHFA facilitator and his knowledge and delivery of the training is amazing. He made it simple and kept us at pace and just the right balance and speed. Highly recommended for others! 

Great course. Very helpful and informative. Would recommend.

Well run and good pace, I like how he didn't let people go off on a tangent and tell stories.

I found the course really insightful and loved the videos and the practical part.

It was helpful and well led. Thank you.

Really helpful and structured course! It provides you with guidelines for every situation that we might come across in the workplace.

9-10 Oct 23 classroom MHFA Course

I thought everything about the course was great. The instructor, Steve, was extremely knowledgeable and very approachable when needing to ask questions or get clarity on something. The way he approached sensitive subjects and interact with the group I found especially good.

The content of the course was great, personally for me I would have preferred less conversation practice. I think the session on suicide could be longer with more detail on how to have that conversation.

I thought it was a great training session and I'm so glad I put my name forward! The trainer, Steve, was amazing and full of knowledge. He explains things well and showed us some great videos which will stay with me for a long time.

Very good course, Steve was very helpful and clear. I would 100% recommend this course to others as I've come away feeling a lot more knowledgeable about mental health.

I thought Steve was very good and very knowledgeable in this subject. The pace was just about right and the videos were excellent. The case studies really made me think things through and it was good to get the opportunity to do so.

Very interesting, Steve kept the right pace  and the group work was a great part of the course.

2-3 Oct 23 Online MHFA Course

Really good!! This course needs to be mandatory for all managers.

The course Was very enlightening and very intense. Steve was very knowledgeable in MHFA and helped us with our doubts. Steve was great. He kept us going at a pace throughout, probably due to the amount of content to cover.

This course was good and very educational.

Steve was great and he has full knowledge of the material and lots of experience to share. He had control of the group and was great to run questions by and easy to speak with. Big thanks!

Good course, good knowledge and good to learn more about the symptoms of mental ill health.

Steve's delivery was really good, he was engaging and had a lot of knowledge which can be difficult when it comes to delivering online sessions. It was really interactive too which was great.

26-27 Sep 23 Online MHFA Course

Very useful course to help gain a greater insight into different MH conditions and resources. It has increased my confidence when addressing these difficult topics and how to handle these conversations.

Educational and confidence building course. Thank you.

Excellent course delivered by a specialist in the field. Thank you Steve.

Great course, really informative, I would have preferred more breaks between sessions in order to space out content and give time to reflect.

I really enjoyed the course, Steve was very informative and broke the information down in a way that was easy to understand and follow. I would definitely recommend the course to others. I have undoubtedly come away feeling more confident in my ability to assist and support others.

I think Steve was a skilled instructor in terms of drawing people out and ensuring that everyone contributed to the sessions. Informative and enlightening.

Steve is an excellent instructor. The course is face paced and intense, however Steve keeps this manageable using humour where appropriate and ensuring adequate breaks and maintaining the speed of delivery required.

Thank you. The training was really helpful. I feel far more equipped to discuss mental health and to have better conversations with my colleagues.

Steve is very good at delivering the course and explaining things when asked difficult questions.

Very useful course with lots of practical guidance. Good pace and mixture of activities. Steve's passion for improving mental health comes through very strongly and is very motivating!

Steve was excellent with his guidance and teaching of the course, made me feel very comfortable in understanding the challenges of MH and how to act as a MHFAider.

21-22 Sep 23 Online MHFA Course

I enjoyed Steve's training delivery. I also enjoyed doing the tasks and the theory, although some of it was triggering. Very good course.

Good workbook and good pace from Steve throughout the course. Could do with more space for notes in the workbook.

I found this course very useful. It was conscience and considerate of the individuals taking part in the course with opportunities for breaks. Steve was very knowledgeable and kept us all engaged.

This training has really increased my knowledge around mental health and also my confidence in being able to support others.

19-20 Jul 23 Online MHFA Course

Lots to cover but it worked well over 2 days knowing up front this would be the case. I liked the level of interaction and although the conversation practices were tough because they were based ion theoretical scenarios, they were a really important part of it. it really helped having the videos of the MH Buddies as examples in prep for having the conversations. It was great to see the programme has developed through an inclusive lens and it was clear that the facilitator was making efforts to reflect this though their language and approach and it'll be important that this continues being a conscious integration and mindset....including encouraging this in  participants as its such an important part of people's mental health. A scorer informative and enjoyable (which is not easy with the heaviness of some topics) two days, so thank you so much.

Quite a demanding course (2-days) to do via Zoom but the content and delivery from Steve is very good.

The course was fast paced to cover a lot of material, but the practice sessions and group discussions do help bring everything together. 

It was well delivered with some very challenging topics covered.

Informative and educational, empowering with valuable skill, more awareness. I appreciated the practical skills and real life case study scenarios. Resourceful materials with supportive environment. 

28-29 Jun 23 Online MHFA Course

The delivery was exceptional. The material was useful and intuitive, and the huge amount of knowledge obtained was packed sensibly for ease of comprehension. I would fully recommend to anyone wanting a greater understanding of mental health and how to support those around you.

A Very good interactive course that gets you involved and able to practice different scenarios. Makes you aware of mental health.

A good course, I have learnt many ways of dealing with situations that I wouldn't be confident with before this course.

Very informative and engaging sessions. Interesting content and Steve made it very enjoyable. He was proactive and supportive. One of the best trainings I have attended. Thanks!

Really good course and well worth doing to raise knowledge surrounding mental health

24-25 May 23 Online MHFA Course

A good course. Informative, correctly paced and insightful. Well delivered by an obviously knowledgeable instructor.

Excellent delivery of some very challenging subjects.

For someone like myself, who dislikes online courses, and presentations, I thoroughly enjoyed this course and did not lose interest throughout. Steve was a great instructor and I'm very happy how I've spent the last 2 days.

good course! Very informative and well structured. The small breaks between the big breaks were needed.

I wasn't too sure about the course initially but after completing the two days, I feel confident in delivering the training on the shop floor. Hopefully not on a daily basis but confident that I can play apart in getting people back on the road to recovery.

Steve is very knowledgeable and this came through in his presentation and undoubtable the knowledge in the subject matter. I would recommend the course not only to out company but in others too.

Very good experience, and the learning was invaluable

Very informative course with good skills practiced throughout. Intense content with little wriggle room for issues to be resolved, fortunately, very few instances occurred. Content good, pace good, levels of understanding good. I feel happy to become a MHFAider from hereon in.

25-26 Apr 23 Online MHFA Course

Steve Metcalf was an excellent instructor who taught the subject extremely well. I felt comfortable to ask questions and enjoyed the structure of the course. Steve is very knowledgeable and this came across in his instruction. The more emotive subjects were dealt with in a compassionate manner and the case studies and practices were well put together.

The course was very useful to take and it is definitely worth the time spent to learn about mental health. I believe the course could be delivered over 3-days as there is a lot to take in, but also understand that this may be difficult to implement as it increases the time participants will spend away from their work role.

Very enjoyable course with lots of knowledge gained.

This was a really good course; MH is a big passion of mine, especially with the stigma which exist in the world. I know first hand what it feels like to be stigmatised and unsupported at work so I felt this was a really crucial course to do to ensure I will be able to provide the right support.Steve was absolutely brilliant, very engaging and informative and insightful. I would highly recommend! Thank you.

Steve was very knowledgeable in the subject and paced the course to suit all individuals.

20-21 Apr 23 MHFA Course

I found the subject content really interesting and very well delivered by Steve who has an engaging style and is very knowledgeable. the case studies were a great way of practicing and improving my understanding and I now feel confident that I can help people when needed.

A difficult topic put across in an easy and relax way. Steve ensured that we could raise questions or seek clarity throughout the course and encourage everyone to participate.

Brilliant course and a great instructor. Steve kept the subject interesting and provided us with great examples to reinforce our understanding.

Thanks Steve. This was a great course that more people need to attend.

I Was not looking forward to the conversation practices as I find these awkward, however I was surprised that it actually helped my understanding of ALGEE and by the end of session 4 I felt more confident that I could support someone experiencing mental distress.

22-23 Mar 23 Online MHFA Course

Excellent instructor. Well paced course with lots of content, supported by life experiences. Will recommend.

Fantastic course. Would highly recommend everyone to do at least some mental health training. Truly an eye opener.

Although the course was very intense, given the volume and content Steve made all attending feel at ease from the beginning. His wealth of knowledge on the subject matter gave us all the confidence to freely ask questions, which were answered in a concise and understanding way. I had my doubts before the course that this would be for me, but I am now looking forward to using what I have learnt to hopefully help others. Many thanks Steve.

The course has given me a much better understanding of how to approach someone who may be experiencing challenging mental health issues. 

13-14 Mar 23 MHFA Course

Steve handled very difficult topics sensitively and was engaging to work with. I would definitely recommend working with him again and intend to for a wider population or our staff in the future.

Steve was very knowledgeable, approachable and with lots of experience. He was a very good at engaging the audience and pointing us in the right direction without actually doing the work for us.

The course was very informative and presented well. It was a good mix of text/listening and practical work. The course instructor was friendly, welcoming and made the course enjoyable for what is a heavy and serious subject.

This course has given me a very good insight into mental health issues and I have a much better understanding now. I feel confident that I will be able to approach someone and offer assistance and support when needed, something I would not have been able to do before the course. Steve is a great instructor, very experienced and made the course really enjoyable.

My knowledge and awareness has vastly improved since undertaking this training.

25-26 Jan 23 Online MHFA Course

A very informative course, taught well and with humour-thank you!

Before the course I was a little anxious of the topics and how we would learn them. The topics were to the point and not persona;, group learning was easy with different safe=practice scenarios for each subject and the films were great examples. Steve's experience and knowledge was invaluable, all questions answered and very insightful experiences shared, which puts reality into what we may have to deal with.

Completing the course I fell confident I can apprach someone who shows signs of poor mental health and how to support them. I will use my MHFAider App and refer back to my course workbook, to keep things fresh in my mind. I have shared how valuable the course was with my colleagues and recommend they do the course if they get chance.

Great tutor with a huge amount of knowledge on mental health and lots of real life examples given. I loved how Steve would reenact scenarios or conversations so that we could learn the words or the conversation openers that's best to use in tricky situations. I felt like I came away with a wealth of information to prepare me for being a MHFAider. Thanks Steve.

Really interesting course and helpful information provided. Steve is a great instructor!

The course is naturally intense at times, but Steve's delivery is the right balance of seriousness and lightness. Thank you for the excellent training.

The course through up some interesting challenging issues, some of which made me reflect on my own mental health. The boundaries section was particularly interesting, and very important to avoid taking on everything yourself. Overall I think the course was a great way to talk about a topic that I feel all of society should be doing more to understand and I have definitely taken away a lot of actions and skills that I hope will make me a better line manager and person within society. Thank you. 

The course was very eye-opening and informative and touched upon all aspects of helping anyone who may be experiencing difficulty with their mental health. The practice sessions allowed us to put our learnings and new skills into different scenarios with different requirements. Steve had lots of relevant experiences and examples that assisted with our learnings. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone wanting to become a MHFAider.

Was an amazing course, explained with theory and real life examples and supported practicing and continual learning.

11-12 Jan 23 MHFA Course

Before the course I was a little anxious of the topics and how we would learn them. the topics were to the point and not personal, group learning was easy with different scenarios for each topic and the films were great examples. Steve's experience and knowledge was invaluable, all questions answered and very insightful experiences shared, which puts reality into what we may deal with. completing the course I feel confident I can approach someone who shows signs of poor mental health and how to support them. I will use the MHFAider App and refer back to my workbook, to keep things fresh in my mind. I shared how valuable the course was with my colleagues and recommend they do the course if they get chance.

Really interesting course and helpful information provided. Steve's a great instructor!

The course is naturally intense at times, but Steve's delivery is the right balance of seriousness and lightness. Thank you for the excellent training.

the course through up some challenging issues, some of which made me think of my own mental health. The boundaries section was particularly interesting, and very important to avoid taking on everything yourself. Overall I think the course was a great way to talk about a topic that I feel all society should be doing more to understand, and I have definitely taken away a lot of actions and skills that I hope will make me a better LM and person within society. Thank you!!

The course was very eye-opening and informative and touched upon all aspects of helping anyone who may be experiencing difficulties with their mental health. The practice sessions allowed us to put our learning and new skills into different scenarios with different requirements. Steve had lots of relevant experiences and examples, which assisted with our learnings. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking to become a MHFAider.

Was an amazing course, explained with theory and real life examples and supported practicing and continual earning.

25-27 Oct 22 online MHFA Course

I will be recommending this course to more of my friends, family and co-workers, as it gives you so much knowledge. Steve was amazing and a great teacher, he makes the course fun even though we are talking about difficult situations.

It was a great course and highlights the importance of everyone to have a better understanding of mental health, and how to support those that may be experiencing difficulties. I think every company should take part in this course to ensure safe and health workplaces for all.

Steve delivered this course with humility and a real understanding of his subject. Steve used clear and precise language that didn't deflect from the subject, and made me feel at ease and confident that I understood the content. I feel that I can apply the new knowledge to my role, and it will benefit the families I support greatly. I will definitely recommend Steve & Robustmind to other professionals. Insightful, informative, real and relevant.

Steve was fantastic, very informative and supportive. The course was easy to follow and Steve made the course enjoyable as he explained how to face difficult conversations. Thank you for the training, I definitely hold additional tools in my arsenal.

The course was very informative and engaging. Steve was confident and incredibly knowledgeable about the subject and was also very guid at managing the talk and the groups. The range of learning kept me engaged throughout the course.

The course was very well out together and Steve was extremely professional while keeping me engaged. I really enjoyed the case studies and breakout rooms. they helped a lot to realise what certain situations could look like in reality.

Very good course with a range of different learning type that helps drive engagement. Good that he encouraged cameras on to drive a more interactive session.  

20-26 Sep 22 online MHFA Course

Thank you Steve for your time.. I have taken a to away from this and am ready to start my new appointed role as a mental health first aider.

The course was extremely in-depth, and Steve delivered it in such a way that I could understand. He acknowledges what you say and helps you navigate your understanding around all aspects of the course. What I really liked about Steve, was him not judging any of us when we weren't sure of something. The course was at a good pace and I really did learn lots.

Great course but a lot of content for 2 days. It has made me confident to do more and look out knowledgeably for signs. It's scary to do that without the understanding of what to do/not to do, so this is great.

It was a great two-day course, but also very intense - both in topic and in the quantity of the materials to read and work through. I really enjoyed the individual e-learning activities, they helped understand the topics and showcased the most important learning points. The workbook was really useful, I loved the case studies and working in different breakout groups.

A lot of explanations and important topics. Thank you for the training.

Steve was very direct and to the point, which I found very good and useful. Meant we had a lot of information delivered to us which was precise and clear. I found the information within the course knowledgeable and easy to follow. It gave way to a lot of self-reflection and how I can use the course to better myself and better my support for others. I would definitely recommend this course.

Very positive impression, a lot of information received. 

25-27 Jul 22 Online MHFA Course

I feel like I was able to gain a strong perspective on MHFA and how it is relevant, now more than ever in this current climate.

I have learnt a lot about what I thought I knew and now realise I just knew bits and pieces and some of it was just myth. I now feel confident that I can approach situations in my work that up to now where 'skirted over' and this will pave the way for real support.

I think the course has been invaluable in my knowledge of mental health in general, but I think most importantly, of how to approach and deal with someone in a mental health crisis.The best trainer I have ever had, very knowledgeable, but at the same time to the point, respectful and keeping the structure well. A very positive experience.

It was great, thanks you Steve.

It's a brilliant course that defiantly unskilled me. Thank you Steve.

Really great course to have completed, very happy with the level of explanation and knowledge given. Will certainly be recommending others within my unit to attend and will strive to raise awareness.

Steve is a great instructor; and this course is very detailed, thorough and engaging. He delivers the course with accuracy and confidence. I think the videos are great.

Steve was a great instructor - he was approachable, friendly, knowledgeable and warm. The course itself Wass well-paced and well-structured. I enjoyed both the live sessions and the individual e-learning. I am feeling much more confident now about my mental health knowledge and my skills as a mental health first aider. Thanks a lot!

Steve was a greta instructor! He made a training course that has some content of a tricky nature still somewhat enjoyable and kept our attention throughout.

Steve was absolutely fantastic and I learn so much from the course.

18-19 Jul 22 MHFA Course

I am glad I had the chance at attend this course and learn valuable life skills that might be of help to others as well as to myself.

I empathise with some of the case studies, and makes me realise that we are not alone and we always can help and be helpful for each other. That kindness. patience. knowledge and understanding make a difference.

It was very nice and interesting course. It also taught me a lot of information that I found useful.

Steve ia a great instructor and this made all the difference with engagement and attention. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and feel comfortable with being able to use my new skills now and when needed. I was able to gain much knowledge during thew course as well as understand some of the myths and untruths about mental health / mental ill health.

Steve was very informative with the course. I'm grateful to learn such a deep subject from the man. I'll be sure to recommend the course to others.

Very good course, I found it very interesting. 

5-6 Jul 22 MHFA Course

Great experience, it changed my way of thinking and made me more aware of the mental status of people around me.

After having this course I can say that my view on mental health changed.It is something that we can not ignore or even pretend isn't there. We need to deal with mental health more seriously.

Really good training and trainer!

The course was very knowledgeable, quite intense, but covers a lot of aspects of mental health and goes through lots of different scenarios, which was very helpful. The instructor kept us engaged all the way through and was very informative, the training materials are very helpful. Thoroughly enjoyed the training, thank you.

The course has been full of important information that taught me how to understand and support people with mental health issues.

This was a great 2-day course, I definitely enjoyed and learnt a lot in the time. Steve was very interesting to listen to. After the course I can definitely say I have been educated in a lot of important subjects or mental health.

very good course, after this I changed my way of thinking about people. The trainer is very professional and passed knowledge on the highest level.

Very good for my skill in how to talk to people.

28-30 Jun 22 Online MHFA Course

Great course and I am so glad I did it. Steve was a great instructor.

I found it so useful and think it should be something that as many people as possible get the opportunity to access.

I really enjoyed the course despite the subject. Steve delivers the course in a very relaxed but comprehensive way. Thank you Steve.

Not only do you learn how to deal with mental health first aid, but the instructiveness of the course allows you to practice and work with others. This is great when you are unsure about something. Also, as you go along, the more you practice it, the more confident you become with ALGEE and CPR.

Very insightful and interactive sessions, aware some instructor Steve and a great structure of learning.  

27-29 Jun 22 Online MHFA Course

Amazing, insightful and informative.

Before this experience, I had some knowledge of mental health, but turns out, I actually knew very little. This course is vital for all companies across the world in my opinion and more people need to be involved and become MHFA trained, as it is an experience and knowledge that saves lives.

Brilliant course overall, the lead instructor was amazing at teaching us a lot of knowledge in such a short space of time. Something I will be recommending to my peers.

I very much appreciated the pace of the course along with the time for self-reflection and self-learning. Though I attend the course years ago, I was pleased with how much I still went on to learn and remember. So I took great value from it. In addition I'll certainly look to remain up to date and refer to the course material more often.

Steve is very professional and such a great trainer. Steve is not only confident in everything that he says, but he is able to communicate it in a way everyone can understand. There is nothing I would change about the way this course is delivered and I think everyone has taken some valuable experience and information away from this, which will be put into practice. Thank you very much Steve. 

10 & 17 May 22 Online MHFA Course

Steve was a great trainer and kept the trainees engaged at all times. Great course and great insight into MH and its importance to everyone!He was also very accommodating to the trainees regarding breaks and finishing times.

Super course, really enjoyed the pace, energy, case studies, videos and the memorable skillsets shared such as ALGEE. Well pitched with real life examples and scenarios which made it more relatable. I am now aware of the valuable resources and organisations available top support mental health and will try to educate my teams/family/friends etc.

The terminology (slang used to describe mental health in society) also made me realise how damaging that can be, nice to be part of a movement in which the perception of mental health is most definitely changing for the better. Thank you.

Steve was a knowledgable trainer who captured and held the attention of the group throughout the training. His persona; experiences he was willing to share with the group helped put things into perspective. I felt the speed of the course was good and the content was wide. I also felt the 'Black Dog' story was a powerful video that really helped me understand how someone with depression may be feeling. I enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend Steve and the course to others. Thank you.

This course has really improved my knowledge and confidence regarding mental helth and mental ill health.

25-27 Apr 22 Online MHFA Course

Good interaction, Steve has a great way of keeping the conversation flowing and keeping the team focused on the agenda. Time keeping was impeccable.

Really enjoyed the course and being able to interact was essential for me.I think this course will aid me massively in my work, not just in mental health, but in every day conversation and being aware of situations potentially escalating to everything discussed on the course. Thank you.

Steve was a fantastic instructor, made everyone feel very comfortable and was very passionate. Loved the course and will encourage my team to all take part.

thanks Steve, excellent course.

Thank you very much to Steve for being patient and making this course easy to understand. Thos is something I've wanted personally and for my work for a long time and very happy I've done it, made better by a positive process!

12-13 Apr 22 Classroom based Adult MHFA Course

The subject is challenging at times, but the support given was great. The course itself is insightful and has taught me many things but most of all, to share my knowledge with me peers and colleagues attitude and judgement.

Fantastic informative trainer, I learned a lot from this course. Thank you.

Many useful examples and additional information on how to deal with mental health and how to correctly support people around you. Proud that we are charing such an important subject with more people and opening up to mental health to eliminate old thinking that a person with mental ill health is 'crazy' or dangerous. It was the most interesting course.

Steve is absolutely brilliant. Sep the whole group engaged over the two days and its clear he is well experienced. The course materials are excellent.

Steve was one of the most approachable, patient and wonderful instructors I've ever had for a training course. He never lets you feel alone or embarrassed by questions, made us all belly laugh with his humour and his acknowledgement to everyone's feelings was so supportive. Steve - thank you so much, keep on shining superstar!

Steve was very good, kept a good pace and provided enough detail and examples. Breaks were managed well. 

22-24 Mar 22 Online MHFA Course

Excellent course, very well structured and delivered. The content was very informative and I feel much more confident and particularly proud to have done it.

Overall I had a good experience with the course. Steve is not only very knowledgeable but also very passionate on what he does. thank you!

Fantastic course and was very interactive. Steve was very good and I would highly recommend him.

Instructor open, honest and kept it interesting.

Steve is a great instructor. The course is brilliant and extremely needed and informative.

This course was so informative and ran at a good pace - the combination of group and individual learning was particularly welcome. This course should be compulsory for all organisations.

22-24 Feb 22 Online MHFA Course

I have already recommended this course to my Line Manager (after 1 day)! Steve Metcalf was a great instructor throughout-giving feedback constantly. I really enjoyed the course and feel it will enable me to better support colleagues and family as well as being more aware of looking after my own MH.

Very informative course.

This course has been very eye-opening and has made me more aware of how common poor mental health really is and the support I will now be able to give people.

Thank you so much for the course, there’s a lot of really great information in the handbook and I know that it will come in very useful in my career as a nurse. The mini hand out will certainly be in my diary from now on.

Many thanks I found day 1 and 2 very informative and your approach to the subject refreshing and positive.

25-27 Jan 22 Online Adult MHFA Course

Excellent course and would recommend to all staff in my workplace. Lots of information received so will need to read and review notes to improve understanding in all areas.

Very informative course, I now feel I have the confidence and knowledge to provide mental health first aid. Many thanks Steve.

Great course, would recommend to everyone, very eye opening.

Steve the tutor was very knowledgeable and I found the course really interesting and well paced. Lots of information and very thought provoking, certainly increased my understanding of mental health conditions and approaches to take. Even if you don't need this course for work I'd still say its worthwhile to do it; just to have the confidence to help someone in need.

Very insightful, excellent instructor.

My confidence and knowledge has vastly improved having done this training.

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