Adult MHFA 19-20 Feb

Adult 2-Day Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Course

              Also available as an online course


What will I learn?

Our Adult Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course is split up into four sessions. These are:

  • Mental Health First Aid, mental health and depression

  • Depression (cont.) and suicidal crisis

  • Anxiety, personality disorders, eating disorders and self-harm

  • Psychosis, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder


In each section you’ll learn how to:

  • Spot the early signs of a mental health problem.
  • Feel confident helping someone experiencing a mental health problem.
  • Provide help on a first aid basis.
  • Help prevent someone from hurting themselves or others.
  • Help stop a mental illness from getting worse.
  • Help someone recover faster.
  • Guide someone towards the right support.
  • Reduce the stigma of mental health problems.


How will I learn?

The Adult MHFA course usually takes place over two full days and is delivered in a classroom setting. It can also be delivered as an online course over a number of days to suit the needs of large companies and organisations as required. 


The sessions will be a mix of presentations, group discussions and group work activities, (plus individual online learning modules if delivered as an online course). Our trainers provide a very safe learning environment and are trained to support you throughout the whole course. If you don’t feel comfortable joining in certain bits, then don’t, we won’t make you do something you aren’t comfortable with. Due to some of the sensitive subjects of our course, including suicide, we limit numbers to 16 people. We want everyone to feel safe and our instructors can help if people find some bits particularly difficult.


You will receive a Adult MHFA reference manual and workbook that you can take away with you at the end of the course and also an attendance certificate from MHFA England to say that you are now a Mental Health First Aider.


Who can attend?


The course is simply for everyone. All we ask is for you to be above 16 yrs of age.This is due to some of the content being quite sensitive and can be upsetting to some. We want to ensure that we create a safe and suitable learning environment for all our attendees.


How do I book on a course?

Current planned course dates are shown here. For enquiries about course cost or to register your interest in attending a course in the future please contact us here. This will send an email to our administration office who will get in touch with you.  


Please do not book any travel or accommodation until you have received an email from us confirming you have been allocated a place on a course. 


25-27 Nov Online Adult MHFA Course

Great course overall opens your eyes on the depth of mental illness and how sometimes a conversation can help massively in the smallest and greatest mental health situation.

It has been very beneficial and will mean positive changes will take place, especially in my work place.

Steve delivered the course at a great pace and kept everyone engaged. He encouraged interaction with/and between the trainees which opened up discussions in the breakout rooms very well. His knowledge is second to none and he was able to highlight the importance and seriousness of Mental Health throughout the two days. I enjoyed the different styles of learning throughout the course with the the live sessions and individual learning stages. The new platform of e-learning was very user friendly and varied with the use of videos, multiple choice and written questions.

Thanks very much Steve, I have learned a great deal over the 2 days.

Steve's knowledge on mental health and how he presented the course was exceptional.

25-27 Oct Online Adult MHFA Course

Great course, very informative and will greatly help myself and my colleagues. 

I thought the course had a wealth of information available and will help me in supporting others with their mental health challenges.

The manual is very detailed and I thought the mental health action plan (ALGEE) was a useful pneumonic and a great structure to help me support people experiencing mental distress.

Very good course and useful for my role as a commender and medic. I feel more prepared to deal with those coping with mental health related struggles.

Thanks for the very interesting course Steve. I would highly recommend this training to others.

This course has been very up lifting and now I have been giving the skill to assist and support people in a positive environment, knowing I can assist with a person recovering.

27-29 Sep Online Adult MHFA Course

Excellent content and resources. Steve is very knowledgeable

Excellently delivered course. Engaging, informative and hugely beneficial.

One of the best courses I’ve ever been on.

It was great to be a part of the mental health first aid course, I found it hugely interesting and learnt so much. Steve was a fantastic lead instructor and I would highly recommend the course going forward.

Really good content especially with doing case studies, made it easier to absorb and more interactive

Steve was great at the delivering the session.

Very informative and interesting case studies

Very informative course. Having a day break was essential.

Very insightful and gives me confidence in handling MH situations

22-23 Sep Online Adult MHFA Course

Excellent - liked the human centred approach.

I really enjoyed the course and find it very valuable to now have the knowledge and skills to identify and support

people with mental health problems.

Thanks Steve – excellent course!

I think the course is great and very useful for individuals. I will recommend it to others to suggest to their

organisations. It is very helpful as mental health affects us all and being able to support others and ourselves is


I think the course was extremely interesting and educational. Steve was brilliant, really knew his stuff and created a

safe environment where I felt comfortable to speak up. In order to increase my scores I think I now need to go

away and do some of my own reading and practice what I have learnt to feel fully confident.

I thought this was an excellent course. I learned a lot - I will still need to re-visit the materials and my notes as it

was a lot to take in and I'm not sure I can remember everything. I would certainly recommend the course to other


Excellent and thorough training materials. Good course length appropriately spread. Multimedia training approach


Really insightful, evidence based, and has provided real incentive to better support mental health in the workplace.

The course was really well planned and delivered. I loved the idea and understanding of ensuring you let the other

person talk, you are not there to diagnose or advice but to support and communicate non-judgementally to help

individuals seek the best type of support available to them. I also have a better understanding of different types of

mental health issues and feel I will be able to positively support and help a person in need.

Very good learning experience and a great refresher. A lot of information to take on board and looking forward to

reading my manual further.

23-25 Aug Online Adult MHFA Course

Amazing content and brilliant instructor!

I found this course very informative and very clearly delivered.Thank you.I will re-read this information and hope to grow in confidence

Many thanks for all the information and knowledge you have shared with us this week, it’s been a very valuable few days and I am grateful to now be part of the MHFA team.

Thank you so much for the past couple of days! Appreciate the insight so much

I think this training is one of the most vital pieces of the modern workplace jigsaw. It gives people the skills to help colleagues, family and friends. I think the middle day where it's the 'self-learning' could be condensed; so the course could be 2 days rather than 3.

The trainer was great, and I can't recommend the training highly enough.

Steve was really informative and engaging with the class. Thoroughly enjoyed the course, and I have learnt so much.

7-10 Jun 21 Online Adult MHFA Course

An intense few days however has to be one of the most powerful courses I've completed. So much to cover and

lots of food for thought. Really good pace and well delivered.

Steve was great, very informative, and entertaining.

It's was a great experience for me, liberating and informative.

Really enjoyed this course. Was very informative and looking forward to putting everything I've learnt into action.

Steve was brilliant, and especially given we are all virtual he did a great job of keeping everyone informed,

engaged and motivated.

Lots of insightful topics covered, I would have preferred doing it in a two day session with time for the reading and fully stepping away from the day job (it was a bit jarring going from the topics in MHFA and then back to work) Personally I would have liked the option to do all the pre reading in one block prior to the course instead of in four "chunks"

Steve was a fantastic instructor. The course was very informative, and I feel better equipped now to be able to

provide support in these type of situations. I think this knowledge is very useful for everyone to know, many times

we want to help but don't always say the right thing; also I really liked the exercise about our frame of reference

because that automatically helps us listen non-judgementally

Thanks Steve, you have made a real impact to us all!

25-27 May 21 Online Adult MHFA Course

Fantastic course.

I have learnt so much I will need to take lots of time to reflect and absorb it all! And of course apply it to real life in my work role.

Really good course that I think should be compulsory for all!

Steve was a fantastic course leader. Very efficient and extremely thought provoking. Highly recommend.Thank you v much!!

This course was brilliantly delivered by Steve. It was informative, engaging and so interactive even with the potential limitations of operating online. Enabley is a great platform and found everything easy to use. My confidence has grown in handling mental health first aid. I could not reccomend this course more. I was able to reflect on how I used to be and it's also highlighted my personal progress in my own journey of recovery. Thank you Steve and MHFA England - you have opened my eyes and can't be more grateful.

18-20 May 21 Online Adult MHFA Course

I thought it was an inspirational and enjoyable course. Thank you.

Lots of information to take in, all very interesting though and I feel i've learnt a lot. The case studies were definitely

helpful, seeing how to put into practice the theory that we had learnt. I do want to re-read the manual again to fully

in-bed what we've gone through but on the whole I feel a lot more confident. And I'll make sure to refer to ALGEE as

often as I can. The extensive list of support resources at the back of the manual is brilliant.

My knowledge and understanding around mental health has hugely improved by taking part in this course. I think

the manual is great!

Superb course. Excellently delivered by Steve. Great material (mix of videos, reading and presentation). Great

booklets to keep and refer to in the future. 10 out of  10.

17-19 May 21 Online Adult MHFA Course

An extremely well run, organised and delivered course.

Excellent course and Instructor. Thank you.

Excellent course well presented.

Steve has an excellent presentation style.

Great stuff. Thanks for the opportunity

I really enjoyed the course, however I want to draw particular attention to how good and detailed the course

materials are. Really really good.I would advise that perhaps maybe other courses are offered in specific support of

mental health in POC, LGBTQ, etc.

Steve was really helpful, thorough and was always happy to answer questions. The course material including the

manual and e-learning platform were excellent. The manual covers things in a lot of detail. I feel really confident

now being a Mental Health First Aider.

The course was very well delivered in terms of both structure and content. Steve's knowledge and passion for

mental health is brilliant and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend MHFA course to anyone.

This course was really thought provoking and I personally will take a lot away from this. Steve is a great instructor.

Very knowledgeable!

27-29 Apr 21 Online Adult MHFA Course

Excellent...made me think.

Fantastic course, very thorough and interactive. Steve is a great presenter, extremely knowledgeable on the

subject of mental health and a good teacher.

Great instructor knowledgeable and great pace of the course

Thank yo so much for the courses, for all the lessons and information. I am really grateful I had an opportunity to

take participation in the course, there is so much I can take for myself and for the others to save and change their

life for better.

Thank you

The course was so useful, really clearly instructed and ran. Such useful and important information, and a really

good range of activities and information sharing.

Would really recommend to anyone. - sending more of our team soon!

19-26 Apr 21 Online Adult MHFA Course

Absolutely one of the best courses from an awareness perspective. Thoroughly found it interesting and the way

Steve ran the course made it possible to cover so much in a set time period. The additional examples given by

Steve really helped in understanding the material.

Great course. Very well paced with significant focus on self learning.

I really appreciated the flexibility and support of Steve through the course.

It is an immensely valuable course.

Very interesting and thought provoking course. Good pace and the activities re-enforced the learning

1-3 Mar 21 Online Adult MHFA Course

Excellent course and instructor would recommend everyone to to this.

Excellent course.

I really enjoyed the course, the content was relevant and understandable. The material is exceptional and I have enjoyed reading through it and will undoubtedly be using the action plans in my place of work.

Steve is very passionate, experienced and knowledgeable. If he could just slow down a bit as he talks fast.

Steve was very knowledgeable and the course was very insightful.

The course was very useful and I do recommend it to everyone in organisations struggling with mental health in the workplace or working in close contact with people suffering with mental health illnesses.

The trainer brought us together well, in spite of the difficulties of doing this online. He made a great effort to include and acknowledge everyone frequently. His style was direct, open and well-paced, so that we moved on without feeling that anything was being skimmed over, and kept to time. His knowledge is clearly based on huge past and present experience and informs his training thoroughly.It was a good experience as well as a good course and I really appreciated it.

Very good, important course and glad this is so well supported

12-14 Jan 21 Online Adult MHFA Course

Overall, a very good course with lots of information and a mixture of learning materials. Very thorough and inclusive.

Excellent course I thoroughly enjoyed it. Course content was relevant and informative.

Course instructor was very knowledgeable

Good course, easy to navigate. Good structure and good information.

Really enjoyed - valuable, practical and informative. Thank you!

Really enjoyed the course. I can build on the knowledge I have acquired and have found the content of the course interesting and appropriate.

I would like to thank Steve who I feel has been a really good facilitator.

11-18 Jan 21 Online Adult MHFA Course

Excellent course delivered in an effective way. The supporting materials are also excellent. I particularly liked Steve

and his way of delivering the course.

Overall it's an incredibly useful course that I will be recommending to others - in particular line managers or those

who care / are responsible for others. It's been incredibly insightful and has made me feel a lot more confident in

being able to help someone who might be experience a crisis.One thing that was particularly useful was the video

in the psychosis section which showed helpful and unhelpful things to do in a crisis. More videos like that relating

to a suicide crisis or others would be very useful.

Steve was a great presenter, I struggle a lot to keep attention with somebody for that long but not on this course.

The switch between personal learning, group learning, and listening was always great and there were always

breaks at the times I needed them. 

Steve was awesome, really knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions. I liked how you encouraged

participation from the group which isn't always easy on video call but also didn't randomly pick on people as this

can be uncomfortable.Thank you for you running the course.

Very good course. Really surprised with the amount of information and activities. It really helped better understand

how to support others and understand a bit better.

Very interesting and useful course. I liked the split of the online sessions and the individual work and the fact that the online sessions were bitesized. The videos were really good too.

6-13 Jul 20 - Online Adult MHFA Course

Really good, really useful and practical course. 

My confidence in dealing with MH issues has massively increased since doing this course.

The course was absolutely excellent and Steve was a very good trainer.

I learnt a lot, thank you.

The online platform worked really well and was easy to use.

Steve was a fantastic instructor and the material covered was very beneficial and helpful.

The manuals and workbook was very helpful and I'm sure they will be referred to a lot in the future. Overall I can't recommend the course enough and hope that more people in our office attend.

Thanks Steve, I enjoyed the course a lot.

I found the course extremely interesting and the delivery excellent.

This course has really increased my knowledge about MH issues.

​'m really pleased to have been able to go on this excellent course and become a MHFA.

9-10 Mar 20

Great course and instructor, a lot to take in but enjoyable.

This course was extremely interesting and gave me a much better understanding of how best to deal with MH issues. Steve was very engaging.

This training should be done more often in units/companies and more people at work should do this training.

Very well delivered, flawless. Very helpful that the instructor is passionate and knowledgeable about the subject.

Good overall education about the stigma surrounding MH, everything was very informative.

Very good materials and slides. Very engaging and knowledgeable instructor.

I would not of thought I would have got so much out of this course, really useful and inspiring. Thank you Steve.

I would recommend and encourage more people managers attend this course. As a manager, I have dealt with some very difficult situations and this course would have helped me.

5-6 Mar 20

This was a very informative course and I feel that all staff should have an input in relation to MHFA.

Really good course. Excellent instructor, really good with personal stories. Interactive, good use of visual videos to better my understanding of MH, safe space to share personal stories.

Packed course with the right level and variety of slides, workbook and group activities.

Fantastic course, Steve was really interesting to listen to on what is a tough subject to cover. I think all staff should attend this.

Excellent level including real life experiences. Built confidence within the group to allow sharing of personal experiences.

Very good, very informative, thank you.

Extremely good and informative course with the trainer very knowledgeable. The material associated with the course is an extremely useful resource document. Thank you.

Good thought provoking course, delivered in an interesting way.

Really enjoyed the course, it balanced difficult subjects with easy understand and relatable tolls to help people with MH issues. Steve's delivery was on the money - informative, friendly, funny and real.

Feel a lot more confident to use the training/knowledge and techniques taught in work, home and friend situations. Thank you

Full of useful information, very informative, lots to take away and process.

Excellent instructor, well delivered. Instructor demonstrated significant knowledge of subject matter. I sill have a lot to learn/enforce by way of reading.

2-3 Mar 20

Attending this course has given me a much greater understanding of MH and howe best to support people.

Very knowledgeable instructor. Very good and informative course, which has given me more knowledge and confidence.

good interactive learning exercises, good course material and very knowledgeable instructor.

Really good course, thank you Steve.

Very good that it was emphasised that the skills (ALGEE) are applicable to your personal life as much as your work life. I didn't know I'd become an accredited MHF Aider. This would be a good incentive for people to sign up for this course.

Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days, thanks.

The video clips were varied and helped secure learning. Really valuable course, fascinating content.

Good course, lot to take in, in 2 days.

Really good course. Full of content and very worthwhile. Instructor very knowledgeable.

24-25 Feb 20

The course was great! It has taught me a lot about MH that I need for my work and my general knowledge.

The course has increased my knowledge and understanding of how to support others with a mental health issue.

I found it very informative. I feel more confident now and I did enjoy the training

Excellent course. Helpful, practical and informative.

Very useful knowledge in my work and family life.

I enjoyed the course, it was very informative.

Great two days!

Excellent instructor.

19-20 Feb 20

Excellent course, very disciplined and structured facilitation.

The course was an eye opener and enjoyable. Very good venue. The trainer (Steve Metcalf) was fantastic, would go as far as saying, the best instructor of any course I have ever sat.

Insightful and very well delivered and explained. 

Very competent and knowledgeable instructor. Course content extensive and reading materials very informative.

The course was hugely beneficial and delivered extremely well! I would highly recommend to everyone.

Great delivery set at the right level. Very informative.

I really enjoyed the two days.

The course was comfortably paced and very informative.

Steve was very professional, understanding and good at relating to things that have happened. Steve also involved everyone in the course. My understanding has risen a lot from it all, thank you. 

Very good and very, very insightful and helpful. Thumbs up!

Good delivery, fantastic accompanying resources.

21-22 Jan 20

The course reinforced my knowledge of mental health and added value to the work that I do every day. I encourage everyone to do this course.

Really insightful and informative course. Steve was an excellent instructor, using a variety of materials and methods to engage the attendees. I have learned a lot in these two days.

I have a better understanding now as the course was delivered in an extremely positive, well constructed way. For me took away some of the pre conceived ideas around mental health. Would certainly recommend people to attend to loose the stigma around mental health.

Instructor's delivery was excellent and to a very high standard. He explained things very well and was thorough when explaining ALGEE and CPR.

The instructor kept the group engaged throughout the course and was very informative.

Excellent variety between exercise, powerpoint and videos. Delighted I attended and will encourage more people to attend.

Very good course, lots of good insight.

26-27 Nov 19

The instructor was excellent - knowledgeable with a good dynamic style.

There has been a huge increase in my confidence in how best to support others with mental health issues

As a result of this training I am less likely to judge people with mental health issues.

Very useful course.

Having completed this course, I am more likely to consider mental health and mental ill health a normal part of everyday life.

Good mix of audience participation. Great teaching considering the difficult topics.

Really useful, many thanks.

This course has challenged my perceptions of MH 

Very good 2 days, really enjoyed it. Thank you.

21-22 Nov 19

Content very well delivered. Very confident and concise answers to questions. Excellent location and venue.

Excellent coverage of information. Engaging and clearly knowledgeable instructor.

Very coherent and managed what can be a taboo and difficult subject to talk about uplifting and interesting.

The presentation and facilitation was excellent. The content very powerful and thought provoking.

Very good, will recommend it.

Very detailed in a concise way. Great use of learning tools throughout. A comfortable, non-judgemental environment created.

Excellent course - Thank you.

A cracking courser. More people should do this. A very good delivery by the instructor. One of the best courses I have been on for a long time.

This course has been a real eye opener and changed my mindset around MH. Steve delivered the course in a fantastic and clear way so as a group we got a clear understanding of what was being delivered.

Was intense, but give good direction.

8-9 Oct 19

Steve is an excellent and inspiring tutor, just what we need to increase knowledge in mental health and reduce stigma.

Great course Steve and really good how everyone got stuck in.

Very good course and very good instructor.

My personal confidence in how to support others with a mental health issue has vastly improved.

Beautifully done, safe environment great knowledge and time to rest.

Very clear and well structured.

Steve answered all questions, really happy I've done it.

Great course and very informative, thank you.

24-25 Sep 19

Workload was excellent; Steve was highly focused and energetic, gave complete confidence.

Excellent course but quite intense for 2 days.

Lots to absorb in 2 days, but understand that there is a lot to cover. Very good instructor. Thank you - really informative.

Really great course and a very comprehensive reference manual and workbook.

I'm very excited with this course as it will greatly help me to attend to numerous MH issues when I return to work and back home.

The course has really increased my knowledge and understanding of MH issues. Thank you!

Very good course and the instructor was excellent

I would rate this course as very good and my personal confidence of how to support others with mental health issues has greatly increased.

10-11 Sep 19

The MHFA course has truly empowered me to support my own mental health and that of people I connect with in life. Giving me the practical in depth skills and first aid knowledge to support people who may be experiencing mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety disorders and psychosis

Steve was fantastic and very inclusive. I still feel I have a lot to read and remember, but this has been an excellent foundation.

Amazing 2 days, informative and great instructor.

As a result of this training I am less likely to judge people with mental health issues negatively.

This is a very good course and I would love to follow up in 2-3 years.

A great course by MHFA England, Steve was a great instructor very and accommodating.

Many thanks to Steve for running such an engaging eye opening course..

19-20 Aug 19

I really enjoyed the course, I think we covered a lot of ground in two days and it was a good mix of practical and theory. Steve was engaging, knowledgable and respectful and I really enjoyed his teaching style.

Thank you Steve for the course, I really enjoyed it and certainly learned a lot.

Steve's very engaging and it was inspiring when he demonstrated how to go through the Mental Health Action Plan (ALGEE). The content was so helpful and very well explained. I've leant a lot and would recommend the course to everyone! I feel equipped to support others now.Thank you!

Steve was very knowledgeable and was very confident in his teaching. The manual and workbook were very helpful in this process and will be great tools in the future.

Very engaging and mind opening. Passionate delivery. Really enjoyed the course.

Great course, I think every employee should do this to gain this level of awareness, or at least all line managers. 

Steve was a great instructor who reiterated the importance of understanding mental ill health. He created a safe space to learn about an intense subject without undermining the subjects.

30-31 Jul 19

Overall, excellent course focusing on some very serious and important issues.

Great instructor, very informative course.

A very good course that is helpful in understanding mental health issues - thank you.

An excellent course, I feel well resourced as a MHF Aider.

As a result of this training, I am less likely to judge people with mental health issues negatively.

This was an excellent course. We covered a lot of ground in an interesting way.

Very informative and interesting. Will recommend.

My knowledge and understanding of how best to support others with a mental health issue has vastly improved.

24-25 Jul 19

Great course, well lead and a great primer. It didn't just increase my confidence and knowledge in terms of mental health, but also was very encouraging to see how seriously organisations and medical professionals are taking the topic. Thanks Steve!

Steve was very good. Kept the course interesting and delivered a difficult subject with humour.

The course was very interesting, was fun and informative. I learned a lot and have lots to share with others and to feel more confident when talking about different mental health issues and how to help others.

The course leader Steve kept the course engaging with light humour when appropriate as it is quite a heavy topic, especially when dealing with issues such as suicide etc so that was good. I wish everyone could take this course as it's such an important topic that effects everyone and want to help elevate the stigma around mental health!

15-16 Jul 19

Extremely informative and interesting course delivered by an extremely knowledgeable instructor who kept everyone interested. I personally would like to take my mental health training to the next level.

I found the course very beneficial and Steve did a great job in presenting for the 2 days on what is a difficult subject.

20-21 Jun 19 

Brilliant, knowledge provided without relying on notes, even knew manual page numbers off top head. Thank you .

Really enjoyed the course. Thank you, I will definitely be putting this to good use.🙂

Informative, knowledgable and detailed.

Content was good and valid, the location was excellent, tutor was clear and knowledgeable. 

18-19 Jun 19

There is a lot covered during the course so it's a lot to learn/take on board but, with further reading - and practice - I'm confident it will become easier.Steve delivered the course in a confident and relaxed manner (I really don't know how he remembers so much information) and reinforced a few points throughout the two days to make sure we understood the main points - ALGEE etc. His delivery was calm, serious/humorous when appropriate and clear.I would thoroughly recommend this course (and Steve) to anyone and everyone, regardless of industry or role.

Love the course. Very thorough. Steve is an excellent, well informed instructor using examples and his own experiences. Steve kept my attention and was very engaging. The course was a good mix of direction and interaction. There was a big respect for personal safety. I will definitely recommend the course.Thank you!

The supporting material and case studies were informative, enlightening and empowering. The instructor, Steve, was extremely knowledge and had a great delivery style. The course was comprehensive in content and the variation between slides, video content and case studies in small and larger groups enabled variety in the training. It was useful to have collaborative input and empowered individuals to feel safe and disclose any experiences, whether direct or indirect, with the group.I would definitely recommend the course and hope to be able to take my MHFA training further. It has helped me better understand my own challenges with mental health and feel more confident to provide support to others experiencing mental ill health. It has also inspired me to champion more the stigma surrounding mental health and highlighting this within society, and to work more with those living with mental ill health.Thank you for providing such a life-changing course!

9-10 May

Very impressed, in-depth training. Steve kept everyone involved throughout the 2 days and have left the course with a lot of knowledge.

Very clear advise and practical examples and training materials. The instructor had a sound knowledge and experience of the subject, enjoyable sense of humour.

\Delivered in a very non-judgemental, fair and professional way. Very safe environment covering difficult topics.

Excellent trainer and training.

Very good. If I had this knowledge before, perhaps two people I cared for would still be here. A lot of information over two days.

Perfect balance of a learning environment. real life applications and entertainment.

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, very useful!

Very good, more videos.

The course was very in-depth and provided a lot of useful and interesting information. 

9-10 Apr 19

Really interesting and engaging with various slides/group work/listening exercises. Extremely diverse subjects discussed in some depth in this two day course. Well presented and informative.

Very good course giving me a full understanding of how to make changes in our business

Instructor was excellent

Great course, Steve was very knowledgeable and a great tutor.

Very clear and informative course, taught with care and patients

Very good course, excellently delivered.

The course was great and found it very informative.

Very informative style of training, very knowledgeable instructor.

Plenty of info, breaks, steady delivery of subjects. Plenty of time to discuss and answer questions.

26-27 Mar 19

It was a very good and constrictive course, with the right amount and balance of learning and activities.

The instructor was very good and knowledgeable, and he helped make what is a very intensive course feel interesting. I learnt a lot!

Found it very interesting and raised awareness and knowledge of mental health issues.

Delivered really well and clearly. Instructor was friendly and approachable.

Steve knew the material very well. He was comfortable with the material and was very knowledgeable.

All good. Strong instructor character ideal for this kind of presentation. Down to earth.

Thoroughly enjoyed the two days.

brilliant. great delivery.

A lot of information packed into 2 days. However a very good balance of listening and yet engaging in discussions which were useful. A very well laid out course.

Excellent! Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days. Well informed instructor who installed much confidence.

Very good course - really enjoyed it. Steve was also excellent, kept the course really interesting, but was also sensitive about the nature of some of the topics.

A really useful course!

19-20 Mar 19

I thought the course was excellent and found the delivery engaging. The experience of the instructor was evident and very professional. I am really glad I have attended.

Everything was brilliant. Steve was a great instructor. Clearly very knowledgeable and delivered the course in a clear and structured way. Always happy to answer questions. A great deal of content covered in 2-day, thank you

Fantastic course delivered brilliantly by Steve. He ensured everyone felt safe and the content was communicated very well. Would recommend both him and the course very highly.

Excellent course, a good mix of information and practical exercises. The manual looks very thorough but accessible. 

I thought the course was well delivered. I would have no issues recommending this course to others.

Excellent facilities and location. Very clear, engaging presentation of materials. Will be strongly recommending to colleagues and others.

Steve created a very open and non-judgemental environment for learning. He has a very engaging style. I have leaned so much, thank you.

Enjoyed the mix of input, discussion, case studies and exercises it helped make a daunting subject manageable to understand. Feel very equipped to support colleagues now. Fantastic manual for reference.

Really useful and thought provoking course. Removes the stigma of mantel health and shoves the message of recovery and hope. Makes me think of changes we can make in the workplace and how mental health training and awareness is really important.

Very engaging course and Steve was great!

Brilliant course, would encourage people to come to this course. Steve is wonderful.

A very good 2-day course

13-14 Mar 19

Steve is very engaging and kept the course light when needed to (considering the subject). Great presenter, very articulate and I do feel much more qualified to deal with a situation.

Great course. Areal pause for thought and change. Keep it up.

Instructor really knowledgeable and relatable.

Excellent course, excellent instructor, very engaging and I learned a huge amount.

Case study/examples/videos very good.

One of the best training workshops I've ever attended. Thank you.

28 Feb - 1 Mar 19

Very well delivered! Made the course enjoyable and informative.

Steve was a great instructor; very good at explaining everything.

Very professional. Made it easy to understand and made me feel comfortable.

Fantastic course with a great instructor who was very clear with the material and clearly cared deeply about the subject.

Steve was fantastic, clear and concise.

Insightful course, particularly the Hearing Voices exercise.

It was an excellent course; informative, engaging and fun. I have learnt a lot and feel now more confident about mental health issues. A big thank you to Steve!

Overall the course have been very knowledgeable and has given me a greater understanding of mental health.

Steve was excellent. Delivered the content at a good speed and with great clarity. Course content was very good.

22-23 Jan 19

Steve is an engaging and extremely knowledgeable instructor. He creates an informal and safe space to explore the topics, allows participants to share personal stories and ask questions. I have learnt so much and feel so inspired to help my organisation better support employees with mental health issues.

Excellent course, fantastic value for money. Insightful and educational. Steve is very down to earth in his approach and facilitated the course professionally. He made me feel relaxed and included as part of the group. The books and resources provided are absolutely fantastic and I can go away and continue to learn and develoP. Thank you!

Excellent delivery of the course and very relevant for my work.

The course is great - you learn a lot in two days and it is kept interesting with a mix of videos and discussions etc.. Steve is very good at what he does - respectful, approachable, organised, full of knowledge and high energy.

The instructor delivered the course very well, with all details covered, it was very helpful.

Brilliant course, Steve made it engaging, but kept it relevant.

Very good and informative, a lot of information to process but was very engaging and was easy to understand.

27-28 Nov 18

Steve is an excellent instructor, with deep understanding and really good classroom/enabling technique.

Instructor was clearly very knowledgeable and fluent in the delivery of the course. Very approachable, excellent instructor, thank you.

Very good instructor, down to earth, clear and practical. Serious about sensitive issues, but also made the course enjoyable and brought some humour where appropriate.

Would highly recommend to others.

Instructor and training showed understanding of people's own personal experiences, allowing people to raise them, but not forcing these discussions. Very comfortable and sensitively done.

I would love for the training to be longer and learn more about this very important topic.

All delivered, questions answered clearly. Steve held the interest of the whole group throughout, he was engaging and encouraging, excellent presenter.

22-23 Nov 18

Very valuable course with great insight and info; educational, helps breakdown any negative perceptions, provided with me resources to know how to support.

Amazing and well worth it. Almost consider basic training as a necessity to raise knowledge and awareness.

I thought Steve was extremely engaging and held the course particularly well. I really enjoyed and learnt from it a great deal  and appreciate the opportunity to have done a MHFA course. Thank you.

I've found it extremely useful. I'd love to have an awareness course that everyone in the company could have.

Great instructor, funny and engaging.

Loved it, very informative and love the detail in the manual.

Brilliant course with a fantastic instructor.

Great course, really insightful and beneficial moving forward.

The course was really good. Steve is really engaging, really clear in his approach. Looking forward to putting my learnings into practice.

Thoroughly insightful and the knowledge will stay with me for life. The things I have experienced in my life can now be applied in a way that can help others.

13-14 Nov 18

Really good resourceful course. I have a greater depth of knowledge on mental health and feel more confident to handle any cases that may come up.

Very good - highly recommend!

Steve was a fantastic instructor. His knowledge is incredible. The course was brilliant at helping break down stigmas associated with MH.

Great course. Steve is really engaging, lots of useful stats & great mix between tell and experience. Really appreciate your time.

Loved Steve's delivery. Really inspiring and engaging. Thanks Steve!

Great instructor, speaks in leighman's terms, easy to understand and relatable, really knew his stuff. Great course, I have learnt so much. Thank you.

thank you so much, I loved the course and found it so emotional. Would recommend all to come on this course.

Steve was absolutely brilliant! He was engaging, knowledgeable and a joy to learn from for 2 days. I would highly recommend.

Great course. Steve was awesome throughout and engaging. I would strongly recommend to everyone.

Steve was engaging and open and provided reassurance when asking questions!

23-24 Oct 18

very enlightening and has significantly changed my view of mental health and  how I will respond in future.

The course is a lot to take in but not in a negative way. Kept to time and covered a lot.

Steve was a great instructor who could explain sensitive and difficult issues in an understanding way. The books are also a well designed resource.

Nice interactive course, and engaging.

Great training, excellent speaker who keeps it interesting and also some humour as it is a heavy topic.

It's an excellent course and I have certainly benefitted from it. I hope I'd be able to support my colleagues with the skills and knowledge I have gained.

Probably one of the best courses I have attended. Very good manual and workbook.

Excellent course, would thoroughly recommend it to colleagues.

Really good course, very useful strategies to help people. Could be a much longer course as it is a fascinating topic! Thank you.

Excellent course, should be made compulsory training. Instructor was brilliant.

Informative, with humour. Difficult subjects covered well.

3-4 Oct 18

Steve's knowledge, skills in delivery and engaging everyone is fantastic. Helps with perspective and perceptions are positively changed for public mental health wellbeing.

Excellent course very well delivered.

Everyone should do this course.

Really enjoyed the course and felt it met its objectives.

Really helpful and interesting. Fantastic venue, comfortable. Was particularly valid to my job role. Was delivered professionally and made easy to understand.

Passionate about topics, which emphasised the importance of people s mental health and why it is relevant to everyone.

Training excellent, learnt a lot about mental health and illness. Steve's knowledge base engaging but also added humour to a deep subject. Other course participants involved and participated.

Excellent course. Steve's a great trainer, incredibly knowledgeable and held my attention throughout. Especially enjoyed the activities.

27-28 Sep18

Really good course, would be good to have a refresher every year.

informative, clear and intense.

Really enjoyed the 2 days - even though they are sensitive topics. Very professional approach. Very engaging, will definitely remember!

Thank you. It is a very good course, though worth noting very demanding/exhausting. Appreciate time and the information. It was scary, emotional, enlightening, inspiring and positive. I look forward to researching further. 

Brilliant delivery and constantly kept interesting.

Steve is a very informative and personable instructor.

Really informative and really useful in the modern world we live in.

It was excellent.

Very good course!

25-26 Sep 18

I thought the course was fantastic with so much information. 

Very good. Nice tone, dealt nicely with deaf delegates.

A fantastic course, I have learnt so much. Thank you.

Outstanding throughout, Steve was excellent!

The was wonderful and enlightening.

The course was excellent and the instructor has great knowledge and was fabulous.

I really enjoyed the course and found it challenged my ideas of what mental health means.

Very good course.

It was very inclusive and comprehensive. Thank you for 2 great days.

Overall, a very good course.

Very good.

5-6 Sep 18

Excellent, I found Steve informative and engaging.

This course is essential for the future and development and understanding of mental health.

Steve's style, passion and knowledge around all things mental health has made this an extremely useful course. He had in-depth knowledge and clearly lots of personal experience that help give this course even more flavour. I thought it was excellent.

Really good course, knowledgeable trainer with professional resources. Will be recommending to others.

The course was very well presented by Steve and clarification given.

This guy knows his stuff, very good, very friendly and approachable. 

Steve was very welcoming and engaging throughout the 2 days. Always kept it interesting. Really enjoyed the 2 days.

Excellent course, good pace and well presented. I loved the homework.

I think it was a great for anyone with very little experience of mentality health and would have dispelled a lot of misconceptions. I learnt a lot.

29-30 Aug 18

Brilliant course. I learnt so much about myself as well as others. I will certainly be more empathetic and less judgemental. Mental Health is more serious than I thought

I found the course extremely informative and interesting. The delivery was professional, empathetic and a very positive experience. Would strongly recommend.

fantastic instructor. Very knowledgeable and spoke abut every slide with greater information.

Excellent course with engaging instructor.

Steve was engaging and enthusiastic.

A good course and educational course. I will be recommending Steve and the course to others.

I thought the course was very good and professional. Informative and whilst the information can be distressing it was very enjoyable. The course trainer was excellent.

Amazing course and I think everyone should have to do it as it seems to be a part of everyones life none way or another, as seen from this group.

Steve our instructor was brilliant, extremely knowledgeable and superb at interacting and keeping us engaged. Thoroughly enjoyed the course.Extremely informative course, lots of useful information to take in.

Fantastic and very engaging. Encouraging and no input was wrong input. Steve made me feel at ease and confident to participate fully.Good insight into mental health.

Excellent introduction into a subject I has no understanding or knowledge of!

20-21 Aug 18

Good presentation style, relaxed. Good number of breaks as content of course can be intense. Enjoyed it!

Very good instructor.

Steve held my attention 100% of the entire 2 days, which is no mean feat as I usually find full day courses very challenging. Really interesting course and I am so glad that I did it.

Well presented and down to earth delivery.

Excellent course and trainer; lots of information to absorb.

Intense over two days, but a very good course.

Really impressed by Steve as a trainer. His armed forces background is non traditional for our sector but his direct, honest and clear approach was spot on. 

Course materials are great, including films and case studies. Would like more of a balance with group discussion.

Huge amount of content - tricky to get all in and keep engaged, which was well done.

Steve was the best facilitator I've had over 15 years of work. So knowledgeable, enthusiastic, funny and inclusive. He responded to questions thoughtfully and with compassion. I particularly liked the last film and there could be even more exercises like this in the course demonstrating practically the words to say and not to say. Thank you Steve, I hope you do more courses here!

8-9 Aug 18

Excellent training. Huge amount of ground to cover but the instructor did extremely well at covering it in a clear and coherent way.

Good delivery, very knowledgeable tutor, lots of useful examples and experiences.

Very worthwhile;e course and a great introduction / step to reducing stigma.

Thank you! It was a very informative and engaging course. Everyone should do this to raise awareness of mental health.

Good course!

First rate instructor. Delivery on what was a full on intensive course was energetic and engaging. Whole heartedly recommend to all, thank you!

Exercises and videos help bring to life and break up the sessions. Very knowledgeable instructor, kept on time and a good pace.

Excellent two days - very informative. Thank you very much.

brilliant, I have learned a lot and instructor was knowledgeable.

Absolutely brilliant! Thank you for the course and for great delivery of the material. Great learning atmosphere and people in the class. Appropriate group size, thank you.