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       MHFA Refresher 1/2-Day Course (4 hours)

          with support and benefits package               


MHFA 1/2-day Refresher Course (with support and benefits package)

Our MHFA 1/2 day Refresher Course is for anyone who have previously completed either the MHFA 2-day and wants to update or refresh their skills. At the end of the course participants will receive a certificate from MHFA England confirming their skills have been refreshed and are valid for a further 3 years. Whilst available to individuals, it is an ideal way for companies and organisations to provide centralised training for their trained MHF Aiders and MHFA Champions .  


The MHFA Refresher 1/2-day Course will enable or participants to:


The course consists of the following content:


                About MH

                Stress and factors which influence MH

                MH Continuum and stigma

                Frame of Reference and non-judgement

                Reintroducing ALGEE

                Warning signs of mental ill health

                Depression and Anxiety

                Suicide and first aid for suicidal crisis

                Psychosis and first aid for severe psychotic episodes

                More MH conditions

                Case studies

                Self-care, wellbeing and recovery.            


You will receive a MHFA Refresher Manual/workbook for use during the course and on completion a certificate extending your qualification for a further 3 years. Shortly after completing the course those who are refreshing their MHFA 2-day skills will receive access to the MHFAiders Support and benefits package, including the MHFA e-manual, the MHFAiders Support App, support network including a support hub and training webinars.


How will I learn?

The MHFA Refresher Course lasts 4 hours. The session will be a mix of presentation, group interaction and a few aces studies. Our trainers provide a very safe learning environment and are trained to support you throughout the whole course. 


Due to some of the nature and sensitive subjects of our courses, including suicide, we limit numbers to 25 people. We want everyone to feel safe and our instructors can help if people find some bits particularly difficult.


How do I book on a course?

Current planned course dates are shown here. For enquiries about course cost or to register your interest in attending a course or about organising a course for your company or organisation in the future please contact us here. This will send an email to our administration office who will get in touch with you.  


Please do not book any travel or accommodation until you have received an email from us confirming you have been allocated a place on a course.


11 Jul 2024 Online MHFA Refresher Course

Thorough and informative. Steve is very knowledgeable and I enjoyed refreshing my knowledge and understanding on the course content.

10 out of 10 for the instructor!

The instructor was great and gave us all the information in a clear and positive way.

It's been a few years since I attended my MHFAiders course and the refresher training has massively increased my confidence and knowledge in all matters MHFA.

4 Jun 2024 Online MHFA Refresher Course

I thoroughly enjoyed the refresher course. It was good that the knowledge came flooding back. Steve was great, informative, supportive and encouraging without pressuring at all. I now feel much more equipped, thank you

Steve was a great trainer, really informal and I now feel able to use the skills I have been refreshed in.

A very engaging session, 10 out of 10 Steve as an instructor!

I feel my knowledge of mental health issues and my confidence in being able to support someone experiencing mental distress has vastly improved.

9 May 2024 Online MHFA Refresher Course

Really engaging instructor, useful course and relatable content.

Very helpful refresher - a good combination of engagement and presentation.

Really enjoyed having the refresher on this course as I had forgotten a few things. I use the training regularly at work and in my home life, so it was definitely worth doing. Steve was a fantastic trainer whose passion for mental health support and experience in dealing with crisis situations comes through in his delivery. Thank you.

My skill before this course was a 5 because I felt I had significant skill fade over the 2 years since my last course. Steve was a great at communicating the information and keeping the group engaged, this definitely improved my knowledge. I felt like half a day was not enough to get the full benefit of Steve's knowledge and experience. It would have been great to have had time for others to relate their experience in supporting others using their MHFA skills and for Steve to draw on his military experience on Op Tours.

Brilliant training as always from Steve who has trained many people in our company.

7 May 2024 MHFA Refresher Course

A great course to refresh my knowledge and understanding of mental health conditions, and how to support people in distress.

This course is a must for anyone that has completed their MHFAiders course over 2 years ago. It provide a great opportunity to refresh your skills and bring you up to date with your understanding of mental health issues.

Steve as always was amazing in his delivery of the training. He shows a wealth of knowledge and experience and has worked with this private members club for many years.

9 Feb 2024 Online MHFA Refresher Course

I thought the course was particularly good in terms of additional information provided on all subjects. The course instructor was incredibly well informed and allowed me to expand my own learning experience.

It's been a couple of years since I completed the MHFA Course, but the information included in the 4-hour refresher course is very relevant to my day-to-day work role. Is it is a perfect selection of topics that I needed a refresh on. The group discussions always help too - to gather new insight and get your thoughts out loud.

The course was very thorough and interesting; it refreshed me on several points that I hadn't used recently.

I really enjoyed and preferred the concise nature of the refresher course.

9 Nov 2023 Online MHFA Refresher Course

Steve is exceptional. He is so incredibly personable, casual but in a way that makes you feel comfortable about the very difficult subjects. I felt safe to discuss my thoughts and emotions in the environment he creates. I would recommend him absolutely to anyone as a trainer, I am immensely grateful for his expertise, support and training.

It was great to refresh and build my confidence. It should be done every few years it is so useful. The MHFAider App is also great and easy to use.

Steve was fantastic, 10 out of ten. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Excellent course!

Steve was very knowledgeable and his presentation was clear and very easy to understand. He made me feel at ease, which made me answer questions without fear or judgement. Top instructor!

5 Oct 23 Online MHFA Refresher Course

It was a great refresher as it has been a few years since my original course.

It was helpful too understand Steve's most recommended resources to refer people to, as well as specific questions and phrases he uses.

Loved the format and great videos to really understand the content.

Really informative afternoon, plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. Relevant information given to refresh my knowledge and continue to use my skills as a MHFAider.

Steve was very knowledgeable in the subject and an excellent communicator. He made the content very easy to understand and put a lot of it into real context. Very highly recommended!

The course was good to gain a refresher as it was a whilst since I completed the MHFA course.

I enjoyed the course.

28 Sep 23 Online MHFA Refresher Course

Great to course to renew and refresh my knowledge.

Very good instructor, to the point and remained interesting.

This training has really increased my confidence and knowledge.

Learning from others and their experiences is always important to me.

I would strongly recommend this course to others.

18 Sep 2023 Classroom MHFA Refresher Course

I always enjoy Steve's course and the way that it is delivered. I feel more comfortable talking and listening to friends; family and colleagues about mental health and any issues, and am confident that I can help in a small way. Thank you.

Good catch up course with relevant material and experience to assist with any employee or club member mental health issue.

Steve encourages questions and doesn't make anyone feel that they are wrong or inappropriate with the way he answers our questions.

Something everyone should do to top up their skills following attendance on a MHFA Course.

The instructor is a great communicator and is able to deliver the core subject in an easy to understand format.

Steve got some really key points across and makes it easy to retain. Particularly things like stigma and how we must ensure that staff feel safe to talk openly about how they feel.

Steve is very informative and engaging. We were encouraged to ask questions and they were all answered brilliantly.

7 Sep 2023 Online MHFA Refresher Course

Excellent course for everyone to attend. The knowledge passed on is crucial for everyone to know to be able to offer help. No question was too small and it has very much helped with my confidence to carry out this support in real life.

Very enjoyable, thank you Steve.

Really good and important to do the Refresher course as there were a few things I had forgotten. Steve was a really good instructor - particularly assertive around time keeping, which you don't always get with training. Thank you.

Very informative and I would strongly recommend this course.

19 Apr 23 Online MHFA Refresher Course

Great course, really enjoyed refreshing my previous learnt skills, especially reviewing ALGEE and the case studies.

Thanks Steve, a timely refresh of a vast subject. I didn't realise how much I had forgotten since completing the 2-day course over 3 years ago.

The best bit for me was understanding the stress container and going through the good coping strategies again. The overview of the different types of stress and how they were affected / increased during the pandemic was enlightening.

Brilliant course, thank you!

A great afternoons training covering a topic we often find hard to discuss in the construction industry, but absolutely necessary. I have used my MHFA skills several times over the last few months, both in work and in my private life.

15 Feb 23 MHFA Refresher Course

Fantastic course and I'd recommend anyone to attend.

I feel more confident now in dealing with any mental health situations which may come my way. Thank you for the boost in confidence.

I found the course excellent and Steve the instructor is very knowledgeable and therefore I would have really liked the course to have been longer to enable me and others to explore some areas in more detail.

Steve was an engaging instructor, and was easy to understand, which made the course a very interesting experience. I found out information I was not aware of and now have a greater understanding of the position os a MHFAider.

The course provides invaluable knowledge and information. Steve delivered the course well, was engaging and clear and precise with the information being delivered. Great job Steve!

16 Jan 23 MHFA Refresher Course

Fantastic content which was delivered in a very knowledgeable, experienced and engaging way. Steve is an excellent presenter, which made the course content easier to absorb.

It was really good to have a refresher course. I feel confident again to have conversations with people about their mental health and how to best support them in the various scenarios. The course was delivered really well, was informative and engaging. Thank you very much!

Steve is absolutely fantastic, he strikes the right balance with difficult course content and is really engaging and personable. The course was a great confidence booster and refresher.

Steve was very engaging from the very beginning, the session whizzed by! I loved the way he used practical guidance and examples to reinforce learning.

This is a great course and Steve's teaching approach is great. He makes it easy to follow and understand, and keeps the session very interactive and engaging.

This was an excellent refresher, very well delivered.

24 Nov online MHFA Refresher Course

I felt the course was a fantastic reminder of the learning from 3 years ago. I am a listening volunteer of the Samaritans so have completed extensive training for that, but this course allowed me to brush up on my skills with work and face to face settings in mind. Excellent course and Steve was brilliant.

Really good presentation from Steve. Delivered a lot of information and kept it engaging.

The Refresher course was excellent, thank you.

Overall a good session and I was glad I was able to join so thank you very much Steve.

I feel the support package that is provided will be really beneficial and a great way to keep skills and knowledge up to date.

The course is very informative and has helped to increase my confidence and competence regarding MHFA. Steve has good knowledge and kept everyone engaged throughout, which is a challenge particularly when delivering the session online.

9 Jun 22 online MHFA Refresher Course

Great course - I now feel more confident to offer my support when needed. Steve is a brilliant instructor! He is very engaging and knowledgeable.

Such a great course and very valuable to the business.

Steve has always been a great instructor - he gets through a substantial amount of content whilst keeping his class engaged and interactive. Thank you!

The session was really great with regards to how it was run. It was very interactive and welcoming and a safe environment to learn. Steve was able to present the workshop in a very easily digestible manner, which was simplified and easy to learn. 

Steve is an amazing trainer and facilitator. He is so knowledgeable, has great energy and passion for the course and the topic. The session was the perfect length of time for a refresher and it covered all of the key areas of being a MHFAider. I liked how interactive it was and the handbook is also really useful too. 

18 May 22 online MHFA Refresher Course

Steve was very knowledgable in the area and covered a lot of subjects in a short space of time (4 hours). I really enjoyed the course. 

Steve Metcalf is an excellent trainer, delivers the course really well and keeps the content understandable and engaging. 

Well balanced and well very presented course. Certainly refreshed all the past learnings. Loved the practical exercises done and made the course very interactive. Steve is absolutely wonderful and flawless at his delivery as well as keeping the participants engaged. Thank you so much.

Steve was as brilliant in the refresher course as he was when I did my 2-day course with him just before the pandemic. He offers great insight and has a wealth of knowledge around MHFA and puts everyone at ease and created a safe space to ask questions and share thoughts. This course is done well and I would highly recommend it to others. I loved it!

I really enjoyed the course again, the refresher was much needed and Steve was amazing as usual.

3 Aug21

A good overall refresher- well adapted to be done virtually and knowledgeable instructor

Steve was brilliant at keeping me engaged. I have really struggled with online courses like this but Steve was really engaging and interesting.

Steve knows the topic well and is a very knowledgeable lead. 

Very good to refresh particularly on crisis situations - thank you.

Very useful and helpful.

2 Jun 21

I thought the course was great and getting breaks from the screen was really appreciated. Steve was good at getting information from us especially at first when everyone is reluctant to say anything.

Thanks again for yesterday, I found the course really interesting and a good refresh from the 2 day session. 

Course papers were very prompt in arriving and Steve was quick to answer my question. I am so pleased to hear MH First Aid is to become a legal requirement.

Thanks Steve. It was a  great course!

4 Nov 19

It's been very informative, trainer keeps the group talking and alert.

I found the course really interesting and useful. The Refresher training has help me fell more confident if issues arise in work. 

Really valuable and interesting course.

Very useful, give you a lot of confidence in your role as a MHF Aider.

I think everyone should go through at least an awareness course.

Beneficial and a great course.

Excellent presentation, clear and concise.

Exactly what we needed - tailored to the most appropriate level.

Excellent throughout, excellent Refresher manual.

Really good to take time out for this and bring up the agenda. Important in context to efficiencies for business and life generally.

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