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''Positive mental wellbeing in the workplace equals a productive workforce''

About Robustmind Mental Fitness Ltd

Director and chief trainer

Having left the Army after completing 39 years of service and having experienced the full effect of Service life from private soldier to Lieutenant Colonel; I am aware of the stresses and strains, the isolation and peer pressure, the demands and expectations placed upon our Service Personnel, their families and the wider Armed Forces Community. These life stresses are replicated amongst the general population who will experience similar pressures, demands, transitions and challenges within their own lives. These life pressures affect our mental health in a variety of ways and can affect us all at different stages of our lives. 


It is clear that we all need to take care of our mental health in the same way that we look after our physical health. However, the effects of poor mental health and wellbeing aren't limited to just the workplace. The consequences of poor mental health and wellbeing are just as damaging and distressful to all members of the general population during their private lives; regardless of age, gender, disability, race and religion or sexual orientation. We all have mental health and we need to understand how we can best look after it, to ensure we enjoy and fully participate in life, whether socially or in the workplace.

Over the last 10 years I have been delivering mental health first aid (MHFA) training and awareness courses to the Police, NHS professionals, FCO staff, charities, construction companies, large corporations, media companies, the gaming industry, members of the finance industry, Digital marketing companies, logistic companies, online food delivery services, private members clubs, event organisations, members general public and Armed Forces personnel. I have been extremely impressed by the positive attitude of participants and their willingness to learning about this subject for both work related and personal reasons.

In addition to MHFA training we have provided training in suicide intervention through the applied suicide intervention skills training (ASIST. 11.1) workshop, which has helped charities, large companies and organisations, the emergency services, welfare and social workers, HR representatives, the Armed Forces, NHS staff and individuals in reducing the unnecessary and often preventable deaths caused by suicide and suicide attempts.


Our mission statement:

To provide the training and education to organisations; companies and individuals on the importance of mental health and mental wellbeing in the workplace and in their private lives. In order to maximise employee work output by reducing occupational/workplace stress and sickness absence caused by poor mental health problems. 


Our vision

Our vision is of a society in which people with poor mental health and mental ill health will be understood, accepted and supported. People with mental health issues will be afforded the same regard as those with physical illnesses and resources will be available to offer early interventions and state of the art treatment and support. People will no longer experience stigma and discrimination and society will treat them with the same respect and dignity as any other person.

Quality Trainers:

All mental health courses including mental health first aid, awareness and resiliency training are taught by qualified trainers under license from Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England, which is the Community Interest Company within England.


All suicide intervention and awareness training is taught by Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST 11.1) Master Trainers under licence from LivingWorks Education, the world leader in suicide prevention training for over thirty years.


All of our instructors and consultants are experienced in working and mentoring persons experiencing mental health illnesses and disorders, and those experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviour. Our team is passionate about helping those who are struggling to cope with life and the challenges of transition and every day life events.


How we help: 

At Robustmind Mental Fitness Ltd we provide a safe and relaxed learning environment; where all participants are encouraged to contribute and learn, with many sharing their personal experiences with mental ill health and suicide within a collective non-judgemental environment. Training is provided through presentations, discussions, films, case studies and safe practice.

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