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   Mental Health Aware 1/2 Day Course (4-hours)

            Also available as an online course

MH Aware 1/2-day Course 

Our MH Aware 1/2 -day Course is an introductory mental health awareness course. Whilst available to individuals, it is an ideal way for companies and organisations to provide centralised training and education to large groups of employees on mental health issues.  


The course will enable or participants to:

·      Gain a wider understanding, for themselves and others, of some issues surrounding mental health.

·      Work more effectively with people living with mental health problems.

·      Understand the aims of the mental health first aid (MHFA) course.

·      Experience a taste of the contents of the course

·      Identify the discrimination surrounding mental health problems.

·      Define mental health and some mental health problems.

·      Relate to people’s experiences.

·      Help support people with mental health problems.

·      Look after their own mental health.


How will I learn?

The MH Aware 1/2-day course is an introductory course and lasts 4 hours. The session will be a mix of presentation, group interaction and a few activities. Our trainers provide a very safe learning environment and are trained to support you throughout the whole course. If you don't feel comfortable joining in certain bits, then don't, we won't make you do something you aren't comfortable with.


Due to some of the nature and sensitive subjects of our courses, including suicide, we limit numbers to 25 people. We want everyone to feel safe and our instructors can help if people find some bits particularly difficult.


Participants will receive a MH Aware Manual and Workbook that they can take away at the end of the session and also an attendance certificate from MHFA England.


Who can attend the course?

The course is simply for everyone, all we ask is for you to be above16yrs of age. This is due to some of the content being quite sensitive and can be upsetting to some. We want to ensure that we create a safe and suitable learning environment for all our attendees.


How do I book on a course?

Current planned course dates are shown here. For enquiries about course cost or to register your interest in attending a course or about organising a course for your company or organisation in the future please contact us here. This will send an email to our administration office who will get in touch with you.  


Please do not book any travel or accommodation until you have received an email from us confirming you have been allocated a place on a course.


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