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Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) providers

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Welcome to Robustmind Mental Fitness Ltd

A leading provider in mental health first aid (MHFA), mental health awareness, suicide intervention and suicide awareness.


Research by the Centre for Mental Health confirms that every organisation in the UK is affected by mental distress and ill health in the workforce. At any one time one worker in six will be experiencing depression, anxiety or problems relating to stress. 91 million work days are lost each year due to mental health problems. Mental ill health is normal in every workplace in the land. According to research by Deloitte (Mental health and employers - the case for investment - pandemic and beyond 2022) the total cost to employers of staff suffering mental health problems was estimated at £42-45Bn a year and it is expected to continue rising each year. That is equivalent to over £1,300 for every employee in the UK workforce.  

Simple steps to improve the management of mental health in the workplace, including prevention and early identification of problems, should enable employees to save 30% or more of these costs - £6 billion a year.


How can savings be delivered?


Specialised Training such as mental health first aid (MHFA) courses and centralised mental health awareness briefings for managers, line managers, supervisors and selected members of staff to increase their knowledge and understanding of mental health issues and their ability to respond in a timely manner to employees in distress.


Prevention of mental health issues which are directly work-related (accounting for 15% of the total costs). This may include providing mentally healthy working conditions and practices in line with the Health and Safety Executive's Management Standards on work related stress.


Better access to help for employees, particularly access to evidence-based psychological help, which whenever possible enables people to carry on working at the same time as receiving support via an employees assistance provision (EAP).


Effective rehabilitation for those who need to take time off work, including regular contact with the employer during periods of absence.


Taking action to promote mental wellbeing among staff, to give better help to those experiencing distress and to support those who need time off to come back to work makes business sense. The cost of neglecting mental distress at work is simply too high to be ignored any longer.


Most of us understand the importance of our physical health and the need for healthy diets and physical exercise in order to keep ourselves fit and healthy, so we can gain employment and live full and active lifestyles. However many people lack the insight and or understanding of mental health and mental health issues, even though mental health is something that we all experience. Understanding the symptoms and treatments available will increase acceptance and promote awareness of mental ill health. Enabling individuals and communities to feel more comfortable seeking help and acknowledge the importance of maintaining positive mental health and wellbeing. Our mental health affects our emotions, how we think and feel about ourselves and others and how we interpret events. It influences our capacity to learn, communicate and to develop, sustain and end relationships. It also influences our ability to cope with change, transition and everyday life events. Our mental health is what enables us to function and interact with others.

Mental Health Training

Robustmind Mental Fitness Ltd provides the following mental health training courses:

Adult courses

  • 2-Day Mental Health First Aid

  • 1-Day Mental Health First Aid (Champion)

  • 1/2 Day Mental Health Aware

  • 1/2 Day Mental Health First Aid Refresher

  • Mental Health Awareness presentations (bespoke)


Note all the above courses are also available as online courses.

Suicide prevention workshop

  • 2-Day Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

  • Suicide awareness training

  • Suicide webinar  

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